Make Melee Great Again: Why I vote Santiago for Summit 3

Santiago has a message for the populace of Melee players. The game is far from over. He believes that the meta is far from where it could be. He believes that the top is the creation of sparkly-eyed romanticism. The Melee gods are only gods because we perpetuate the idea. And he says he is the man to show us what’s what.

We’ve made some bad deals, folks. We’ve evolved the system into hero worship. Let me tell you folks, Santiago knows a bad deal when he sees one. He’s good. Very good. And he has friends, good friends, in the Melee elite. They all say, all of them, and you can ask him; they’ve made bad deals. He’s going to Make Melee Great AgainTM.

Alright, parody aside. Santiago is a bit of a populist. He doesn’t buy into the talent myth. He doesn’t buy into the “god” category. To him, everyone is a player. This might just be what we need in this moment. With the move towards spectator sport, Melee is finding itself in more of a divide. Players all over are improving. But the myth of the “unmoving” gods persists. Discussions about player floating and VIP rooms have appeared. Top, vetted players are seen as normal and stable. Upsets are rare enough that they get ignored as flukes.

Santiago is a bit different. His approach to the game is minimalistic. Little practice with a big payoff. No wasted time. He finds the problem, and applies a solution. While others would attribute it to raw talent, Santiago would disagree. He sees it as a basic application of smart approaches to the game. Cutting away the fat to the pure element of Melee. And with four days of nothing but practice? This may just be a catalyst to launching him into the top twenty of Melee.

Why did I say he was a populist? Santiago does not believe this is unique. He appeals to his fans by assuring them that he is nothing special. Just somebody who trained properly. He believes that anybody could do what he has done, and more. While he has tended to be apathetic to Melee, he knows a passionate player could recreate his growth.

If anything, I want Summit to be the experiment for Santaigo’s ideals. He has shown that he is not just speaking of nothing. He has reason to believe what he says. So, I want to throw him to the wolves. I want to see if his approach to Melee will serve him well among the “elite.” I want to see if his ideals will hold up in that environment.

Or, I may just have green Sheik bias.

Santiago on r/smashbros about Summit 3

Santiago Vs. Westballz, June 2016


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