The Call to Wanderlust: Why I added myself to the Genesis 4 Compendium

I’m living out of my car. No house, no address to speak of, and limited space to keep belongings. It was not a fact I’ve tried to hide, but it wasn’t one I was broadcasting. Now, I stand here and advertise it. I want to be clear. This was a choice I made, and it has turned out for the better. This is a single move toward a greater scheme I’ve had.

Some people don’t feel at home in a single location. They are wanderers by nature. Vagabonds that couldn’t feel relaxed without some motion being put into their life. Now, there is the internet that allows communication, finances, and resources to be ubiquitous. The number of vagabonds has grown quite a bit over the years. I suppose I’m now one more in that number.

The feeling of wanderlust has existed in me for quite a while. When I was young, I would walk my small rural town for hours. No purpose, no destination. Just walking until I felt tired. When I gained the ability to drive, I would then drive throughout my local county. I found a sense of relaxation and excitement, all at once. I would explore roads that I had not even known existed, and love it. When I went to college, I would take weekends to travel to other towns. No reason to visit them. I just wanted to.

Then, I spent my first summer with a serious devotion to Melee. I traveled Upstate New York every weekend that summer. I went to any tournament available. From Buffalo, along the Canadian border, to Albany, along the Hudson River. I was exploring something I had never found before. A community. A community of people who were so diverse and unique. So many different lives that came from different backgrounds. All of them coming together to play a classic party game turned sport.

Over that summer, my wanderlust grew further. I wanted to explore the vast world of competitive Melee. Not just the high ranks of top players. I wanted to go to other regions. New York City sat just outside of my reach, and I ached to visit just once. I wanted to see the scene of Massachusetts, of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Hampsire. I wanted to see everything the North East could give me of Melee.

Eventually, my resources dwindled. I made the move to Utah, seeking financial stability. For now, I have it. I’m exploring the entirety of the Utah scene while I am here, and loving it. Yet, I’m a greedy son of a bitch. I still want to explore more. Moving into my car has allowed me to pool resources more efficiently for travel. I now go to every local tourney that I can afford. Winning or losing doesn’t matter as much to me anymore. The sheer chance to attend, to connect with local players, is what I enjoy the most.

My selfish desire to wander has led to one goal. A goal that I’m happy to be working towards. I plan to become a full-time esports journalist, with an emphasis on Smash and the greater Fighting Game Community. There are so many stories to tell at the ground level. Entire regions that are overlooked because they do not produce top-ten players. Regions like Massachusetts, which got so much flak for boosting Mafia to Summit 3. They have stories to tell, and lessons for others to learn. They have their own universes that they deal with. Their own heroes, their own villains. Each region having their own microcosm that is unique, and helps reflect on Smash as a whole. Those are the stories I want to help tell.

Of course, attending majors has always been a requirement of mine. I had registered for Evolution 2016, only for finances to crash down around me. Now, I have another opportunity with Genesis 4. I have two months to make this work. I’ve registered, I’ve gotten the week off, and my vehicle is getting the utmost care. I will make the drive to Genesis from Utah in my mobile home. A long 12-hour drive across two state borders. A proof-of-concept trip. I’ve rarely felt such excitement for something in my life.

So, we come to the main point. I’ve added myself to the compendium for Genesis 4. I want to try out this concept. I want to meet as many players as I can, and see what I can learn from each one. I want to write about the nameless faces of the crowd. The ones identified only as fans to the wider audience. I want to hit the ignored ground level of the Melee community. The players that are fighting their way to the top like you and I. And what better place to start than one of the most respected majors to ever exist for Melee?

I ask for a chance. I will be attending and doing what I can regardless. Yet, any amount can help relieve some of the financial strain this will take on me. I believe I am a decent enough writer to achieve this, and I want to give this opportunity my all. So, I humbly ask for nominations. The request I make is as selfish as it is selfless. I wish to fulfill my wanderlust, and I offer the opportunity to see Smash in a new light. My writing is not perfect, but I believe my skills are more than capable of accomplishing this task.

To anybody who gives me this chance, I thank you with every fiber of gratitude I have. I could never find the words to express my full thanks, and I will work to the bone to achieve and surpass your expectations. You put your trust in me, and nothing less than my best would do that justice. Thank you.

To nominate me, click here: My Genesis 4 Voting Page


2 thoughts on “The Call to Wanderlust: Why I added myself to the Genesis 4 Compendium

  1. I think that you are preaching to the choir. Unfortunately, for those of us that are not in the choir, we don’t know what the hell you are talking about.


    1. I want to be a full-time esports journalist in the style of Hunter S. Thompson. I am using Genesis as a proof of concept. I’m in the compendium because finances will be tight.


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